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Cloud IP PBX provider in coimbatore

Cloud telephony solution is new age business communication model that replaces traditional method of business communication through external hardware. Pingax is a modern day cloud telephony provider offers superior business communication products to businesses ranging from startups, SMEs to Enterprises business model to increase their business productivity with 99.99% uptime. Call 924443255 for more details..

Cloud or virtual PBX is an online service that your subscribers receive on the SaaS model. Subscribers do not need to create a special infrastructure, install communication channels and purchase expensive equipment. You get a full-fledged telephony simply with Internet connection.

Cloud Telephony Solution allows your users to receive business calls without worrying about office setup and all your customer calls will get responded straight away. Integration of Pingax Cloud Telephony features into our CRM or third-party applications can be implemented through Webhooks & API.

Cost effective. No capital expenditures for deployment of special infrastructure and purchase of expensive equipment. For fully functional operation, an Internet connection is all that is required.

Reliable. High reliability and availability of the cloud PBX is ensured by the provision of our cloud infrastructure without a single point of failure, the availability of multiple cluster networks for data storage; our equipment is located in a TIER III data center. Call 924443255 for more details..


Auto Dialer
Auto Dialer is another way of making outbound calls to set of customers automatically. The outbound calls are equally split to each user by based on their activity. auto dialer in coimbatore

Predictive Dialer
Predictive dialer tends to connect customer first and then call gets routed to agents, a time-saving dialer model which reduces the waiting time of the agent. predictive dialer in coimbatore

Outbound IVR
Give an option for your customers to opting for a service or an acknowledgement or delivery confirmation using outbound IVR through a customized voice message. outbound ivr solutions in coimbatore

Start initiating business calls by dialing the customer phone number on the click2call dialpad. Connect with your customers from anywhere through click2call. click2call in coimbatore

Live Call Updates
Call Monitoring
Monitor and listen active user calls to improve user performance and to resolve customer queries instantly.

Call Whispering
Speak to users secretly while they are on the active call without disturbing the customer conversation.

Call Barging
Supervisors can coach agents in live customer call to improve quality and productivity.

Live Call Feeds
Check the live status of the ongoing calls in your live call feed section in dashboard to improve productivity.

Outgoing Call POPUP
Agents will get a popup notification for outbound calls in CRM which allows agents to manage customer details for quick sales turn around conversion.

Outgoing Call Logging
Call logs of outgoing calls can be tracked in the history section of CRM which provides an option to pull call logs as reports with multiple filter options.

Call Recording
Record customer calls to improve user and customer conversations for better customer experience.

Desktop notification
Get instant updates as notifications in the dashboard for each and every new report.

Interconnect With Your Tools, CRM & Helpdesk

Cloud IP PBX offers all the features like physical IP PBX such as call waiting, conference calling, caller ID and call recording facility. Cloud IP PBX is best fit for offices with multiple branches. Cloud IP PBX does not require any intensive installation process. Cloud IP PBX is a business phone system that is hosted entirely on servers in off-site data centers and powered over the internet.

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The IP telephony server is completely under your control. You can change your service provider at any time. All statistics and call records are absolutely confidential and available only to you.
Wide range of options. You will have various options: call recording, routing, statistics, multi-level voice menus, displaying information about missed and incoming calls, creating automatic services and many others.

Cloud IP PBX provider in coimbatore
we are providing the cloud IP PBX system, hosted IP PBX, cloud IP PBX, cloud telephony, cloud IP PBX service the broadband system to set up and start working in case of office shifting in India. We are Cloud IP PBX provider in India which offers better reliability than traditional PBX services. Cloud IP PBX system is based on Cloud Computing technology, where data is stored and transferred over the Internet, rather than on a computer.we are also cloud telephony provider in coimbatore, Cloud IP PBX provider in chennai, Cloud IP PBX provider in salem, Cloud IP PBX provider in madurai, Cloud IP PBX provider in namakkal, Cloud IP PBX provider in erode, Cloud IP PBX provider in kerala, Cloud IP PBX provider in thrissur, Cloud IP PBX provider in tirupur,Cloud IP PBX provider in coimbatore,Cloud IP PBX provider in India,

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Cloud IP PBX telephony solution in coimbatore
With cloud IP PBX telephony solution, technical difficulties get fixed within few moments from vendor’s side. Cloud IP PBX telephony solution enables you to connect multi trunk channels – PRI, GSM, SIP, Analog & VoIP.Cloud IP PBX telephony solution provide customised solution as per business requirements – SME’s, Healthcare, Hospitality, Real estate, Apartment, Educational institution, Financial institute.

Cloud PBX solutions come at very budget friendly cost. cloud IP PBX solutions offers same benefits as traditional IP PBX. Cloud PBX solutions Integrate your existing WhatsApp, Facebook, Webchat, Web call, SMS, Email, others with PBX System.

cloud telephony providers in india

Get the best Cloud PBX solutions for your Business needs.

No maintenance cost.
Available in monthly rental as well, pocket friendly solution.
Easily Scalable and allow ‘N’ number of extensions on the go.

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