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Asterisk Based IPPBX

Product Highlights

The most obvious technological advantage of IP PBX is that it is purely ASTERISK – Open Source Communication Platform – which is flexible to adopt and integrate with your existing telecom infrastructure. IP PBX is packed with all the high end features that a proprietary PBX can offer you and much more.  
Open Source Asterisk IP PBX
Video Conferencing
Voice mail to e-mail
Centralized Administration
Web based receptionist console
Parallel Ringing
Audio Conference Bridging
Interactive Voice Response IVR
Built in Call Recording
Distributed Office Set up
Call Detail Report
GSM Integration
Voice Logger
Fax Support 

Call center solutions

call center solution has all the features associated with high end and high cost proprietory call center solutions.
Key offerings
Automatic call distribution
Interactive voice response
Voice logger
Voice blasting
Hosted dialer
CRM integration
SMS integration
Live/current agent monitoring
Report and campaign statistics
Voicemail to email
Missed call alert on agent screen
Call history search and dial option
Feedback IVR
Sticky agent and account based call routing

GSM predictive dialer

    GSM predictive dialer
    Auto change of the campaign according to time zone
    Automatic agent account lock
    IVR database retrieval
    Click to call from website
    Dial-in/dial out multiparty conference
    Logical Partitioning

Outbound Call Center Suite

Predictive dialer effectively integrates all outbound processes (Telemarkeitng, Sales, Surveys, Collections) with the life cycle. It precisely manages outbound calling to acheive maximum productivity by supporting various campaign and list management strategies.
    Manual, progressinve & predictive dialing
    Outbound ACD
    Longest idle agent based routing
    Call back scheduling
    Multiple campaign management
    Multiple dialing modes
    Agent inter dialing support
    Call forward and three way conferencing
    DNC list management
    Agent call intervention
    Real time supervision
    Music on hold
    Call transfer
    Call retrieval

Inbound Call Center Suite

Inbound solution can provide substantial improvement to the productivity of your call center. Skill based routing organizes incoming calls and route them to the most appropriate agents
    Interactive voice response
    Automatic call distribution
    Skill based routing
    Inbound call pop up
    Most idle agent based routing
    Real time supervision
    Agent call intervention
    Call back scheduling
    Call conferencing

GSM Dialer

Run your domestic process with GSM dialer and reduce your telecom expenses by 50%.
It also help the enterprise to increase the sales turnaround and effective utilization of leads

Hosted Dialer Solution

Hosted dialer solution is a plug and play technology for international call centers and is intended for those call centers who want to operate on OPEX model

Video Conference Solution

Video Conference solution is user friendly with advance features at affordable price. It is based on Open Source Software application. It helps you to connect & collaborate with your remote offices. Thereby, help your business to reduce cost & increase productivity. Rental & Buy out Solution
Web Conference Solutions
Video Conference Solutions 
    e-Learning Conference Solutions
    Hospital Room Conference Solutions, &
    Hotel Room Conference Solutions

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Solution

 Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Solution is cost effective solution which helps the business to handle high volume calls and to improve customer experience. It is flexible and scalable to meet the business requirements and can seamlessly integrate with any PBX.  IVR can be used to automate a wide range of business applications. It is best suited for enterprises, Tele-banking, travel, Telphonic transaction, telecom etc. to reduce the cost of common sales, services, collections, inquiries and support calls .
    Intelligent call routing allows your customers to reach the right agent every time.
    Integrate your IVR system with internal applications to improve your call center operations.
    Expand your ability to get feedback from customers with surveys that populate your database from your IVR solution.
    Advanced call routing allows your team to be accessible via cell, land line, or even another IVR system.
    Reduce idle time in your call center with outbound campaign management.
Genral Feartures:
    Custom greeting support
    Multi-language voice support
    Custom music on hold
    Managing voice mail via phone or web interface
    T1, ISDN, analog and SIP/VoIP support
    Multiple codec support (G711alaw, ulaw, G729, GSM)
    Automate an outbound call campaign
    Built in conferencing solution
    Hosted IVR solution
    Flexibility to create upto 9 levels and sub-levels
    Seamless integration with existing EPABX
Advanced Features:
    CDR reports of all calls
    Voice logger
    Web based reporting
    Unlimited number of call flows
    Text to speech
    Touch tome detection (DTMF)
    Voice messaging
    Voicemail to Email
    Call transfering
    Database Interaction

Voice Logger – Complete Call Recording Solution for Your Business

voice logger is an ideal call recording solution for any business which ensures to improve better customer services. Voice logger system supports ISDN PRI, IP, Analog line and mobile to record all the incoming and outgoing calls for quality monitoring, training, disputes resolution and regulatory compliances. With its advanced features, flexibility and easy to use, it helps the organization to increase the productivity and customer satisfaction with higher quality management. 
General Features
 100% automatic call recording (both inbound & outbound) 
 Enterprise architecture with multi channel recording with T1/E1, Analog, IP and Mobile.
    Interoperable with any PBX and IP PBX
    format recording – WAV, GSM
    Search and download files based on date, time, source, destination and duration
    Access and delete recording files with supervisor access
    Web based configuration management and reporting
    Download voice files remotely via web browser
    Monitor storage space via GUI
    Caller ID for all incoming calls
    Automated archiving
    Access control for better security.
    Export call with report in HTML / Excel Format
    Easily integrate with astTECS’s voice analytic tool
Application Scope
1. Financial Institutions – Banks, Stock Broking Firms
As per new mandate from SEBI and RBI, it is mandatory to implement call recording solution by all banks, Stock Broking Firms and other Financial institutions. Recording provides immediate access to voice files for audit in case of any dispute and helps to resolve the issue quickly. Search for a specific call and play back or download instantly from our web interface.
2. Call Centers – ITES/BPO
Enhance the customer services and agent productivity by tracking all the agents calls and their behaviour with the customers for training purpose and improving quality of service. It ensures to resolve customers queries quickly and on time. Store the recordings for future references.
3. Business Enterprises- IT, Real Estate, SMEs, Media Houses, Service Firms.
Administer and minimise the risk of potential discontent among customers due to unsatisfactory customer service. Keep track of all calls and check whether the queries are addressed quickly to ensure organisational compliance.
4. Tourism & Hospitality – Hotels, Resorts, Railways, Car Rentals, Airline, Travel Agents.
Record all calls for distributing information, reservation, cancellation etc. It provide an organized and efficient way to accurately manage, track, and bill guests for their telecom usage. Analyze the efficiency and effectiveness of the staffs on how calls are being handled and provide training to meet company compliance. Provides consolidated data for all branches to a centralised location to understand the performance of each location.
5. Health Care Sector – Hospitals, Clinics, Pharmacy.
Record prescriptions issued verbally over phone, maintain call records for historical accuracy and ensure that the patient enquiries are dealt promptly and effectively over phone.
6. Educational Institutions – Schools, College, Hostels, On-line training
Call recording and audit will help the management to monitor and track school staff activities and measure customer satisfaction rendered to their service. Recording will help to gather feedback and plan required actions to over the phone to a patient. It helps to maintain regulatory compliance and improve the communication between patient and doctors or hospital staffs and enhance productivity and services.